What would I have done without FreeTextBox

Today when I was typing up my Internet Explorer bug entry, I messed up so many times that I had to retype some of it. I still ended up hand editing the entry from the backend for the hyperlinks and line breaks. At that point I decided I had enough and started googling for a free web based rich textbox. Here's what I found, a real diamond FreeTextBox. It was very very simple to include it in my project and here I am typing away using FreeTextBox with all the possible formatting at my finger tips.

WOW! it works in Firefox too, and no I am not a sales person for FreeTextBox.

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Re: What would I have done without FreeTextBox

Testing FreeTextBox on feeback screen!

Testing 123!


- Vaibhav Kamath   May 05, 2006 07:20 PM

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