Microsoft vs Linux vs Mac OS X

Author: Girish Bajaj

So which os do you think is better? Linux or Microsoft or Mac OS?
I know MS has better UI, and Linux does not, but Mac is becoming very popular and linux is very good at multi tasking.

I dont like working on MS because it hangs so often. So is linux good? Is Mac OS the ultimate OS since its got an awesome UI and based on linux?

Im going to install Linux at home now and check it out...

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Re: Microsoft vs Linux vs Mac OS X

I have spent the most amount of time in the MS world but will try to be as unbiased as possible :). I am going to talk as an end user and not as a technical person.

Playing with Linux need quiet some experience. Yes Linux has evolved a lot but the end user does not want to end up having to browse websites and find open source solutions to get connected to the internet using a wireless card. Applications that are available on Linux are not as polished as their MS counter parts.

Mac is an awesome machine that I keep playing with at Best buy when ever I get a chance. But the problem is that I do not want to spend $2000 to get a Mac, I can get an equally powerful PC from Best buy for around $1200. Although Macs are said to be secure, no one really knows. Why would hackers and virus writers spend a lot of time trying to break a Mac that has only 2% market share. These guys want to hit big and hard and PC is the best platform.

Windows has a lot of problems, it keeps crashing, everytime the explorer crashes it eats my taskbar. There is a lot of spyware, viruses out there that are trying to break into Windows.

I wish the Mac were available on the PC or hope that MS gets it right with Vista :) neither of which is going to be true. 

- Vaibhav Kamath   May 14, 2006 07:20 PM

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