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After going back and forth on making a decision, I finally decided that I will stick to my existing code base. I really enjoy coding and did not want to take away the fun in coding my own solution as opposed to using a ready made solution. I know I would be reinventing the wheel, but that's what weekend coding is for.

The biggest change that I am planning on the site is moving the existing code of saving blog entries to XML file to saving them to a database. This is especially required since I have asked a couple of good friends of mine to enter their own blog entries here. File locking would simply kill the enthusiasm.

I am already through with the database schema and business logic and am currently testing the solution. Basically I have 3 tables Categories (used simply to tag blog entries), BlogEntries (stores all the blog entries entered by various authors) and Comments (any feedback received on a blog entry). Once I am done with testing, I have to migrate existing XML file entries to the database (this is going to be fun).

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Save it for later then

I trust your decision.  The migration to database is a necessity at this moment.  After that is done, you probably will think of extending the features of this site.  You may borrow some of the CS ideas till then.  I am still looking forward to it... It's always better to get other people to do your job :)) (remember I mentioned that I would set up the community site if you do not do it here?  please don't let that happen!)

- Lilly   May 08, 2006 07:03 AM

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