ASP.NET 2.0 Site Administration

For the last couple of nights I have been coding the admin module for the blogs using the Site Administration feature of ASP.NET, there was very little coding required to build an entire password protected site using Visual Studio 2005. Everything is drag and drop and few clicks here and there. It simply rocks!!!

Here's an article that explains the concept and takes you step by step on building a password protected website.

SOA Tutorials

Author: Girish Bajaj

Tutorial: - on SOAP -Sun's web service tutorial (it's OK, but not the best) - on UDDI - AXIS - summary of the tutorial sites (should be good)

Big Player - my favorite company IBM - Sun is still a big palyer, right? I sure hope so! - actually they are very famous on web service too - don't quite know this company - can never Microsoft out

Some famous sites

.NET vs J2EE

I know, I know this topic has been beaten to death on many forums, but it still fires up an argument between proponents of both camps. I myself have periodic arguments over this issue with a good friend of mine who is a staunch supporter of Java (needless to say I am a .NET supporter).

Recently I came across yet another article that makes a bold comparison between the two technologies and wanted to share it with you.

Little food for your argument hungry brain

Microsoft internal schedules for Longhorn

The dates on Longhorn has consistently been slipping for the past one / one and a half years. In fact it has slipped so much that Microsoft has stopped giving any definite dates on the release.

Paul Thurrott has however managed to get hold of some internal schedules at Microsoft that suggest that the Beta 1 for Longhorn is scheduled for Feburary 16, 2005 and the final release is scheduled for May 22, 2006.

If these dates are at all credible it looks like we will finally get to lay our hands on Longhorn much earlier than anticipated.

Finally I get to blog

Hello, This is my first blog and am very excited about it. I plan to discuss the software industry in general with more emphasis on .NET and Longhorn technologies.

I have written the code behind this blog with a lot of inspiration from BlogX by Chris Anderson. I had initially planned to store the blogs on SQL Server 2000, but after going through BlogX I used the idea of serializing objects to XML.

Hope it all works out.