Windows Vista is out! who's excited?

I took a break from blogging for a couple of days after two weeks of continuous bloggging. I have started work on Part 2 of C# 3.0 features but it's moving at a really slow pace. I am not finding the time to research and get my concepts clear before blogging about it.

Anyways, back to Windows Vista. Vista is finally out and I hear that some stores saw people line up oustide for about an hour to get their hands on Vista. Not something that I expected. As for me I am already looking forward to what's next. The Windows team has already started work on the next version and based on history, the team started talking about Longhorn on Jan 2002. XP was out on October 25 2001. So it will be another 3 to 4 months before we start hearing about Vienna. I am looking forward to that release as I wasn't super thrilled about Vista given the endless delays and lack of super rich features. It definitely is a must have over XP, but I think as I saw the endless delays and feature cuts, I lost my excitement for Vista.

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So it' day ahead of schedule for Vista?

Nevertheless, still happy to see Gates in public, considering the days we will see him is limted.  (am I getting a little sentimental here? hehe)

I thought you are are busy playing camera these days.  But it's good that you take a break from blogging once a while.  It's easy to get fatigue when focusing on one thing too long. (but I swear I did not get fatigue reading your blogs Grin)

- Lilly   January 30, 2007 09:45 PM

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